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Digital journaling for you and your baby

The NEO Diary by Post-ICU

Your little one has been admitted to the NICU or NMCU.

This experience can be profoundly overwhelming.

Keeping a diary during and possibly after this period can help you cope with the situation.

That’s why we created the NEO-Diary—a digital journal where you, your loved ones, and caring nurses can share thoughts and support. It helps ease restlessness, anxiety, and sleepless nights.

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How it started?

The idea to develop a digital diary was born in the Maxima Medical Center in 2022. 

Pediatrician and Head of the Neontal Care Unit Dr. Thilo Mohns got in touch with We All Journal because of their successful diary on the ICU. 

A unique collaboration between medical experts and UX designers. The digital diary’s gamified elements foster a level of user engagement that surpasses traditional paper diaries and improves the long-term health and happiness outcomes for families, nurses, and patients.

maxima mc

Started in 2023, and now standard in Máxima Medical Center, Eindhoven

From proof of concept to care standard in the NICU

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Total messages written by nurses
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Why A Neo-Diary?

Globally, 10% of babies are born prematurely and admitted to the NICU, where Family-Centered Care (FCC) involves parents directly, reducing stress and improving infant outcomes. Research confirms its efficacy, transforming the NICU experience.

  • Parent Empowerment: Involving parents reduces stress and empowers them in their infant’s care.
  • Infant Well-being: FCC lessens stressors, like separation, improving infant outcomes.
  • Bonding Promotion: FCC fosters crucial parent-infant bonding, vital for long-term development.
  • Long-Term Benefits: Beyond the NICU, FCC positively influences future child well-being.

A digital journaling application to record non-medical milestones for you and your baby

  • Parents, family, and caregivers contribute
  • Integrated into family integrated care approach
  • With digital writing assistant to support contributors
  • Pictures, sound, and video can be added
  • Parents write to cope with their emotions and share updates for caregivers and the baby at a later age
  • Diary is a conversation starter for caregivers with parents

Proudly developed by the team at Post-ICU

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