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How do we deal with Privacy & Security in the Netherlands.

Privacy and security. We hear these terms frequently, but what do they actually mean? How do the creators of the Post-ICU journal guarantee that it is handled safely? We will explain the Dutch situation to you below. In clear terms.

Before you create your account, we ask you to give us your consent to processing your personal details. If you do not give your consent, then you cannot use the digital journal. Privacy also means that we handle, store and share the data you put together correctly. Correctly means that the information is used only for the purpose you intended. For example, you need to enter your email address to set up an account. We don’t use this except when the system needs to recognize your email address for you to be able to login. We never share your data with anyone who is not working for us under contract.

What about the term security? This is about guaranteeing a secure environment so that cyber criminals cannot easily get into your account. The Post-ICU environment is continuously monitored and steps are taken to recognize multiple failed login attempts, and to block them. We also apply additional security measures.

In the journal you may note sensitive information, both text and photos. We see it as our job to protect your data as well as we can, and we have taken steps to be able to actually guarantee this. We set up this process jointly with the hospitals, who – quite correctly – apply strict requirements. No patient can be added until the safety officer, privacy officer, legal counsel and procurement have all signed the necessary documentation.

We also sign processor contracts with hospitals, which include agreements relating to privacy and security. Any hospital that offers the Post-ICU journal is also regarded (in terms of European law) as a data processor. If the hospital did not trust this collaboration, then the hospital would not offer the journal. Alternatively: if the Post-ICU journal fails to comply with the privacy and security requirements, then the journal cannot continue.

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