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ICU Nurse Rachel Dean: Using the digital diary Post-ICU on a daily basis

Discover firsthand insights on how professional caregiver Rachel Dean has utilized the Post-ICU diary to enhance care for ICU patients and improve their journey to recovery.

What is it like to use Post-ICU at the bedside from a nurse perspective? How do family members respond to entries in the diary? View the video to find out what Rachel’s experience is.

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What will you learn from Rachel's hands-on experience?

This testimonial video is a must-watch for hospitals and professional caregivers seeking to enhance patient care and elevate the overall ICU experience. These are some of the topics Rachel discusses:

  • Her bedside experience with using a digital diary in the ICU. 
  • Insights into the practical implementation of digital diaries in healthcare settings.
  • Why Post-ICU is an effective patient-centered care tool to improve satisfaction, with her own personal examples.
  • How Post-ICU enhances communication with family members.

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Rachel Dean

Intensive Care Nurse and Ventilation Practitioner

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