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The Digital Diary that Cares

A proven, digital solution for hospitals to optimize post-ICU care, dramatically reducing costs, improving patient outcomes, and empowering critical care staff.

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Bridging the gap between ICU care and recovery
with a personalized diary for patients, families, and healthcare teams.
Increase patient satisfaction and caregiver efficiency
Reduce readmissions to the ICU
Improve HCAHPS score
Reduce admin burden and cost
Engage families in patient centric care
Increase healthcare worker satisfaction


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Experience a dynamic digital ICU diary like never before.

From seamlessly adding multiple writers to a diary and effortlessly uploading photos, to extensive privacy options: the digital Post-ICU diary offers unparalleled functionality.

ICU diaries decrease the incidence of PTSD after an ICU stay

Invite relatives to write on the diary


Average number of entries per journal


Saved monthly on an ICU with 4 FTEs

An admission to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a profound event for patients and their families.

Processing this period becomes easier when family, friends, and ICU staff keep a diary during the admission. Post-ICU is the digital, secure, and private diary to prevent or alleviate Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) for both patients and families. Studies have shown that journaling benefits ICU healthcare workers as well.

“I would like to emphasize that the digital diary is a very good initiative. It is not only a clear overview for my sister, but it is also valuable for me to process this tense experience.” - Post-ICU User

ICU diary for everyone

Coming together to fight Post-Intensive Care Syndrome.​

Post-ICU for Hospitals

Improve patient satisfaction, reduce readmissions, and empower staff with streamlined communication.
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Post-ICU for Nurses

Simplify documentation, enhance communication with patients and families, and empower collaborative care.

Post-ICU for Patients & Families

Stay connected with your care team, track progress, and feel empowered in your recovery journey.

ICU Digital Diary Case Study

Griffin Health x Post-ICU

At Griffin Health, the Post-ICU digital diary has been implemented as part of their holistic approach to healthcare and as part of their vision on person-centered care.

This Case Study examines the challenges Griffin faced and how we overcame them in collaboration.

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Case Study

Griffin Health: Discover how Post-ICU solved Griffin’s challenges

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Family-Centered Healing Digital ICU Diaries Transform Patient Care

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