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for Professional Caregivers

“You take care of an ICU patient for weeks. Meanwhile, that person is asleep during that whole time. It feels good to be able to make a difference for them even after ICU admission.”

Brenda Sleven –
ICU nurse, Amphia Hospital Breda, The Netherlands

Post-ICU helps professional caregivers to...

Improve cognitive
and psychological
healing after
ICU discharge

family care
and engagement

Feel more engaged
with their work,
increasing satisfaction

Start with recovery
at admission

Improves cognitive
and psychological
healing after
ICU discharge

family care
and engagement

Better stress
among staff

starts at

Better health outcomes for your patients with Post-ICU.

Many ICU survivors will tell you (from experience) that there is a life before, and a life after the ICU.

Maybe you have witnessed first-hand what they mean by that: physical, cognitive, and mental symptoms that are caused by staying in an ICU that may linger for weeks, months, or even years. These symptoms are called the Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS). Both ICU-survivors and their family members can develop PICS (or PICS-F in case of family members).  

Keeping a diary during the stay is the only scientifically proven method to reduce these symptoms.  

Experience the diary yourself

Post-ICU will support ICU staff with

Less anxiety among family members

When ICU healthcare workers write in the digital diary regularly, family members will feel more involved throughout the whole admission period. This reduces their anxiety and will reduce the amount of phone calls you receive. Giving you and your colleagues more time to focus on your core tasks and providing (better) care.

Our experts will help you to give more person-centered care

We believe person-centered care is the best kind of care. But we also understand that changing the way you work can be difficult. That is why we always include expert-guided implementation when you start with the Post-ICU diary. We support your IT-department, collaborate with privacy officers, and train ICU nurses to get the most out of Post-ICU 

Towards implementing the full A-F ICU Liberation Bundle

Within the ICU Liberation Bundle, commonly referred to as the A-F Bundle, the F-element consists of ‘Family Engagement and Empowerment’. The F-element may be one of the most overlooked elements of the ICU Liberation Bundle. Engaging family often starts too late because it takes time and effort. Post-ICU helps to overcome that, by actively engaging families in care through journaling. Post-ICU is the only scientifically proven digital diary solution that directly enables family engagement. Review our scientific sources here.

Everyone can contribute to the diary at a convenient time for them.

Try the Post-ICU digital diary yourself! Within a few clicks you can experience how Post-ICU can benefit patients, families and nurses.

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