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A single tool for hospitals to improve patient experience and outcomes, reduce cost, and make the ICU a better place for everyone.

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The best solution for hospitals to optimize post-ICU care

Dramatically reduce costs, improve patient outcomes, and empower critical care staff.

Increase patient satisfaction

Post-ICU fosters clear communication and a sense of control during recovery, leading to higher satisfaction scores. The digital diary format allows patients to document their experiences and progress, potentially reducing anxiety and enhancing their overall well-being.

Reduce readmissions to the ICU

Post-ICU facilitates seamless communication between patients, families, and care teams, leading to better adherence to discharge plans and potentially reducing readmission rates. The diary allows for ongoing monitoring of patient progress, enabling healthcare teams to identify and address potential concerns before they escalate into readmissions.

Improve HCAHPS score

Post-ICU empowers patients to be active participants in their recovery, aligning with the patient-centered focus of HCAHPS.

Reduce admin burden

Post-ICU eliminates the need for phone call updates, saving nurses and staff valuable time.

Reduce cost

Enabling critical care staff to work at the top of their license and reduce time spent on the phone, along with reduced readmissions directly translate to cost savings for hospitals.

Increase efficiency

Post-ICU simplifies information access for the families, allowing staff to spend more time focused on the patients.

Increase healthcare worker satisfaction

Healthcare workers report higher satisfaction and engagement ratings when using the Post-ICU diary.

They gain a better understanding of the patient, communicate more effectively with the family, and feel more rewarded for the work they do.

Engage families in care

The ICU Liberation Bundle emphasizes family involvement (F-element), but it’s often overlooked.

In the Post-ICU digital diary, healthcare workers and family members of ICU patients collaborate in care. The digital diary is the only scientifically proven tool that directly enhances family care and engagement.


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ICU diaries decrease the incidence of PTSD after an ICU stay

Average number of entries per journal

Saved monthly on an ICU with 4 FTEs

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ICU Digital Diary Case Study

Griffin Health x Post-ICU

At Griffin Health, the Post-ICU digital diary has been implemented as part of their holistic approach to healthcare and as part of their vision on person-centered care.

This Case Study examines the challenges Griffin faced and how we overcame them in collaboration.

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