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Coming together to fight Post-Intensive Care Syndrome.

Since 2020, Post-ICU has been providing better health outcomes for thousands of ICU-survivors and their families, while also alleviating symptoms of burnout and increasing satisfaction for thousands of ICU nurses. Get to know the passionate team behind the solution that our users have called “very valuable and user-friendly” and “indispensable in post-icu care”.

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Being personal is, without a doubt in our minds, the most important value to us. We will treat you like the human being you are, and we don’t shy away from showing our own humanity either. We want to build long lasting relationships with you.

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We believe in our product and its inherent value. Post-ICU didn’t come into existence with mere financial aspirations, but out of a genuine recognition of its necessity. Because we want to fight Post-Intensive Care Syndrome.

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Educating & Learning

We strive to be your go-to resource when it comes to Post-Intensive Care Syndrome and person-centered care. We offer many high quality resources, reviewed by experts. Furthermore, we are constantly endeavoring to deepen our own learning.

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Powered by Gamification

Post-ICU, born as a project of the pioneering serious game company Games for Health, brings the unique advantage of powerful game design elements. We have always wanted to create a ‘Happiness as a Service’. The digital diary’s gamified elements foster heightened and sustained user engagement.

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Our Team

Seth van der Meer - CEO Post-ICU

Seth van der Meer


Peter Melis - CSO Post-ICU

Peter Melis


Joe Belanger

Business Development Director

Alexandre Contador - Marketing Post-ICU

Alexandre Contador

Marketing Director

Simone Coenen - Customer Success

Simone Coenen

Customer Success

Martika Heath

Business Development Manager

Clint Kendal


Ana Rankovic

Content Marketeer

Werner Rutten - Lead Software Architect​ Post-ICU

Werner Rutten

Lead Software Architect

Boards and Advisors

Jurriaan van Rijswijk - President Post-ICU

Jurriaan van Rijswijk


C. Willem Houck - Advisor Post-ICU

C. Willem Houck


Rob Tieben - Research Director​ Post-ICU

Rob Tieben

Research Director

Cees Wortel


Christa Schorr

Scientific Advisor

Phil Delinger

Scientific Advisor

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