Coming together to fight Post Intensive Care Syndrome.

In early 2018, Marc Buise, ICU doctor at the Catharina Hospital, shared his idea with Games for Health of developing a digital journal for ICU patients. This was to make life after ICU more bearable. The Catharina Hospital at that time was using physical journals a lot, but the cut and paste work was really outdated. Something needed to change.

The transition to a digital journal was kicked off. In early 2020 the coronavirus arrived. The virus means lengthier stays in ICU, more patients kept asleep for prolonged periods, and family members who are frequently unable to visit. The demand for a digital Post-ICU journal was greater than ever. The team switched into top gear in order to get the journal into the hospitals as quickly as possible. One month later the Post-ICU journal of tomorrow arrived in the ICUs. We were so happy to see the results and everyone's reactions. Helping people: that is why we do it.

Games for Health,
the team behind Post-ICU.

Games for Health? The Post-ICU journal isn’t a game though? No, anything but. But we do believe in the power of play and long-term connections. Using innovation and technology to drive us forward, we aim straight at our goal: 1 billion healthy, happy people.

PICS and all its associated symptoms have come into focus due to the coronavirus. But the journal is there for all patients who end up in ICU. Including after the virus is under control. More and more hospitals are joining in to be able to offer the ICU journal on a permanent basis. In the Netherlands, and increasingly elsewhere.

The Post-ICU journal is just one of the winning products in the Techleap COVID-19 range. We are not so much profit-driven. We do it instead to reach as many patients and their family members as possible, all around the world. And that is where Techleap can help us.

Jurriaan van Rijswijk, Founder Games for Health
Created through distance working by a whole team from their home workplaces in Eindhoven, Utrecht, Vinkeveen, Berlin and Atlanta.
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